Chislon Corporation’s team of professionals work together to integrate all aspects of every project.

We are committed to achieving the best building solutions possible for all of our projects, whether luxury residences, family townhomes, mixed use high-rise buildings or commercial units. We prudently research and select the best locations in British Columbia that we believe will be the right fit for our clients.

Chislon Projects

Chislon properties are leading examples of a successful combination of location, progressive architectural design, masterful attention to detail, innovative technology and a commitment to deliver as promised. Now is the time to begin your Chislon property experience.


Professional Team

Chislon Team of professionals are passionate, talented and dedicated. They derive great satisfaction understanding the client’s vision and taking great pride in developing every phase of a project.

Quality Craftmanship

Chislon is committed to incorporate the highest quality when selecting materials and ensuring the finest craftmanship. Every project is designed to maximize the experience.

Prime Locations

Chislon thoroughly researches each location to ensure every factor is evaluated to include: easy access to transportation, schools, shopping, dining and community amenities.

The Environment Matters

Chislon’s professional Team searches for unique concepts that offers every aspect of sustainable living that includes reducing environmental and energy consumption.

Drawing On Experience

Chislon is at the forefront of design, infusing the latest smart living technologies into future projects while drawing on our finest accomplishments from previous successful projects.

Lifestyle Diversity

Chislon recognizes the wide diversity of lifestyles. Our architectural designs cover the gamut from the privacy of single-luxury homes, to the convenience of townhomes or condominiums, to mixed retail / residential buildings, industrial and infrastructure projects.